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The Mikrotik Login Template or also known as the Mikrotik Theme is a login display on the proxy hotspot. Basically the proxy hotspot already has a simple default login page. But many of us want a different look and are certainly more pleasant to see when logging in.

The Mikrotik Login template that I share is very suitable for use in various types of devices, its size will automatically adjust the screen width of the device being used.

I also provide the proxy error login information in Indonesian, for example if your member voucher has run out and he tries to log in, a notification "active voucher period has expired" will appear as well as for an error typing in the username or password all error notifications will appear according to the type of error.


  • Responsive
  • SEO Friendly
  • Fast Loading
  • The voucher active period has expired
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Support Ads
  • Sticky Header
  • Using Icon Awesome
  • Custom Error Page
  • More...


Nama Mikhmon
File Theme, Content Demo & Doc
Layout Responsive
Upload 23 November 2020